Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020: what is it and how does it work?

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Affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020

How Affiliate Marketing Works For Beginners In 2020?

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020: what it is and how it works If you are reading this article, I know you are curious about affiliate marketing. right? Then the question is

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020

“Affiliate marketing is the product sales process for other companies, people. Whenever you sell that product you will get a commission and you can earn some money.”

Make sure you read this complete blog post because I will be sharing with you a lot of secrets that I’ve learned of doing affiliate marketing.

And now comes the big question, what is affiliate marketing? In affiliate marketing, three parties are involved. There’s a merchant or an affiliate network, let’s consider it to be Amazon. Then there will be you, as an affiliate.

Where you will be promoting the products of the merchant through a special affiliate link. So when someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission, that is, you make money.,

I’ll show you step-by-step on how to affiliate network works, how to promote these links to thousands of people for free and then make money from your links.

Almost all popular companies use affiliate marketing to drive customers. Be it Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato- almost all popular companies are doing it.

But the important question is, how affiliate marketing will help you. Well, the biggest benefit is definitely online earning on autopilot.

Today my websites are driving free traffic every month from Google and making my affiliate commission. So now let’s talk about who can learn affiliate marketing.

Benefits of starting Affiliate marketing in 2020:

You don’t need any special qualifications, you don’t need any technical background. All you need is one laptop, or a computer, and an internet connection. This is all you need.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you are making money from the comfort of your home.

There is no age limit, no massive course fee, only your willingness to learn, and your willingness to earn money online.

I’m friends with people who are making $100,000per month to $300,000 per month from affiliate marketing. So now let’s talk about what is the best way to learn affiliate marketing.

Here is the complete infographic of affiliate marketing

infographic of affiliate marketing

As shown in the infographic you have to do:

Join affiliate

Well, when I started there was no one to guideme.No one to tell me the best tips, tricks, tools or strategies that actually work.

Well lucky for you, I’ll be teaching you and guiding you in every step. You need a guide, a person who has made the mistakes so that you don’t repeat those mistakes.

So now let’s talk about which affiliate network to focus on. There are thousands of affiliate networks in the market.

I myself use 50+ affiliate networks to make money for my affiliate websites. So which one should you choose? While there are more complicated ones like Clickbank and Commission Junction, where you need the knowledge of advanced digital marketing in order to make money.

This is because the competition is just way too high. For beginners, who are just starting Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020, the one I recommend is Amazon Associate.

It’s easy to run and promote and now I’ll be showing you why you should be focusing only on is the world’s biggest e-commerce website. is driving more than 2.5B visitors per month.

Amazon India or is driving more than 360M people per month. The best part is that every experienced affiliate marketer is only targeting in the US market

The first thing is that you can join the affiliate network where you can find the product or service to promote.

All you need to do is go to their affiliate section which you can sign up as an affiliate and choose the product for promotion and get a commission for every sale you make.

The best thing about amazon associates Once you promote your Amazon affiliate link the cookie period is for 24 hours.

So whatever the customer ends up purchasing in the next 24 hours, you will be getting the commission for that. The second good point is that you will be getting paid the affiliate commission for the entire cart.

So let’s say you refer someone to buy a t-shirt. But the person ends up buying jeans, a cap, and a t-shirt as well.

You will be getting the affiliate commission for the entire cart value and not just the product that you recommend. So that’s just amazing

There are millions of website provide affiliate. Some of the legit and reliable affiliate networks are as follows:

  1. amazon associates
  2. eBay Partner Network
  3. Flipkart Affiliate Program
  4. Daraz Affiliate

Choosing the product for promotion 

After joining the affiliate network, you see that there are many products and services to promote. In this phase, you have to select the right product/service for promotion.

You can take some help from a search engine for choosing the right product, for this, you have to do a google search.

Google search

As you can see I am searching for “e-books”, it shows the results of that keyword, the volume of searches and the competition. Exactly you need to find the description of your product.

Your selected product should have:

  • High search volume(high demand): Today google search engine is very popular so, the simple step to track your product customer is google search engine. Nowadays all of the customers search on google before buying any product/service. So, make sure your selected product should have a high search volume in the search engines.
  • Low competition on that keyword(product): Also make sure that the competition is very low on your selected product. If there is a competition that is very high then there is a less conversion rate and less income.

This only two are not the tragedy to select the product, these are the only technical requirement to select the product other things  you have to think before selecting the product are as follows:

  1.  Know your consumer
  2. Choose a genuine product
  3. Make passion for the product

Promotion of Selected product

Promotion in Affiliate marketing in 2020

This is the third step and the most challenging affiliate marketing in 2020 for Beginners. This step after choosing the right product you have to promote that product/ service in order to get sales. There are many ways to promote your selected product. you can promote it free as well as paid.

In my experience, Every social media platform is going with the pay-to-play model. Like the case of Facebook, earlier the organic reach was very high.

So let’s say you have 10,000-page likes, if you post a new post, you’ll be able to reach that 10,000 people. But now Facebook wants you to pay money in order to reach the people who even like your page.

Now the competition on Instagram is also growing because the people know that there’s money to be made. And also Instagram wants you to pay money to get those followers.

So the organic growth is down. And the worst part about Instagram is that there is only one place where you can add the affiliate link that is the bio.

So the number of links of the affiliate links will be far less and hence the oral commission that you make in a month will be much lower. And this is why I don’t recommend Instagram as the only source of promoting your affiliate links.

The same goes for a Facebook page or a group. The organic reach is dead, so you won’t be able to promote your affiliate links ina profitable manner.

So I don’t recommend either going into Instagram or YouTube or a Facebook page or a group…rather the smart strategy is to go into alow competition area and dominate it before it gets too competitive.

Promoting  method:

1. Create a  blog: The best strategy is to first start a website, scale it, to earn affiliate marketing in 2020 for beginners or advance. once your affiliate sites start getting traffic, you can move to these verticals either youtube channel or Instagram account or any other social media which I mention below.
Create a blog

You can create a free blog on or here is the complete article on Money Making blog In 2020 (Live Office Free life)

2. Create a Facebook page: You can create a free Facebook page and invite people to like and follow. Once you create the community or group of people you can start to promote the product to generate sales.

3. Free promotion on Social media(Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin): This is the best way to promote your product. Many people are active on social media. You can get a huge conversion rate if you bring the right traffic from social media platforms.

4. Google ads: This is the best and fast-growing method by this method you can earn overnight profit from your product. However, in this method, you have to pay some money to Google AdWords to run a campaign for your product.

5. Facebook ads: This is also an effective method for promoting products and services. It is the same as google ads the difference is google ads shown in the google search engine but facebook ads shown on Facebook.

6. Other ads network: You have to pay for them in order to shown ads like google ads and Facebook ads.

Make a sale of the product

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020

After promoting you can able to make a sale of the product. For each and every sale you get a commission. You can convince the customer to buy that product or service.

Show how it helps the customer, give him the considered time to think about that product. You have to focus on the positive factor than the negative factor of the product. In order to make a sale.

Receive a commission

After making the sale you have received some commission from every sale you have made. I have seen a 1 % commission to 200% commission in affiliate marketing products. Here are the 90+  highly paying affiliate networks 

Make money online

There is no doubt after receiving the commission you can able to Make some insane money from affiliate marketing. Join good affiliate networks. More commission makes you more money from affiliate marketing in 2020.

Commons mistake made by newbie affiliate marketers

let’s talk about common affiliate marketing mistakes. New affiliate marketers make these following common mistakes. Even I made them when I got started.

The first mistake is not showing patience. You won’t start making money on day one. Rather, slowly and steadily you will be scaling.

The second mistake is not implementing. The majority of you will just be reading the lessons, but very few of you will be actually implementing it.

But the people who implement will be getting the best results. So make sure you don’t just read the lessons, but also implement everything I tell you. And not just implementing, you’ll be getting a lot of questions in your mind.

The third mistake is getting greedy. If you’re a beginner or just starting out, even if you are an experienced affiliate, I would recommend you to open only one single website and try to focus entirely on that.

Your goal should first be able to create a website and scale it. Learn all the advanced strategies, then build a team, and then open multiple websites.

You don’t have to work hard, you have to work smartly. I have already made the mistakes, so you don have to make the same mistakes again. Rather follow the working strategies that actually work.

Queries about affiliate marketing:

How do I become an affiliate marketer?

You can become an affiliate marketer by joining an affiliate network, choose the right product, promote it, earn some commission and make money then you will become an affiliate marketer.

How much money can you make as an affiliate marketer?

There is no limit on how much money you can make with affiliate marketing. It all depends on your product sales commission rate. According to the survey, people are earning 50000$ just from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020 make you rich?

Yes, 100% there is no doubt affiliate marketing can make you rich. Although it does not happen overnight. It says that affiliate marketing is one of the best-earning sources in the online field. A few months of hard work can give you yearly passive income.

Is affiliate marketing really profitable?

Yes, affiliate marketing is really profitable. If you choose the right product and follow the right strategy it is 100% profitable.


This article includes some basic and Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020. There is much other tragedy to do with affiliate marketing. In this article, you only learn about What is affiliate marketing how it works and helps you to make money online.

If you like this article don’t forget to share with your friends who are not familiar with affiliate marketing, willing to know what actually it is.

Leave a comment in the comment section below how was the article. If you have any doubts about affiliate marketing then don’t hesitate to ask, we are always ready to help you

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