Earn money online in nepal Without investment for student

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Earn money online in nepal Without investment

Legit Way to Earn money online in Nepal 

There are various ways to earn money online if you are in other countries. But in the case of Nepal, there are some legit ways to earn money online in Nepal.

If you are searching for this keyword then you don’t have money to invest. Today I am going to tell you some legit online job that pays you a decent amount of money.

1. Blogging


This may be a legit thanks to creating cash on-line. I write a detailed article on Money Making Blog In 2020 (Live Office Free life)

This is the best job in an online field and this is a primary source of income When you are new in the online field.

When I am talking about blogging everyone says it is not possible. It is very much easy than you think.

Especially, If you are an  Experience person than you can definitely start a blog. Also if you are a student you can do blogging.

Nothing advance to do just write your experience in a proper way and earn money from blogging.

I do not recommend you to write on any topic, I personally pitch you to write on one single niche.

The advantage is that you can target your audience and the conversion rate is very high in the comparison of the general blog.

You can able to earn more money from blogging.

I recommend you if you are a beginner and you don’t have any idea about blogging then You can do blogging on any platform like blogger.com, WordPress.com.

But if you are not a beginner then I don’t recommend you to start your blogging journey with WordPress.com or blogger.com, because this is not working today. Blogger.com is only about your learning.

You can start but you cannot get success in that platform.

In blogging or in the field of online earning patience is very important. After a few months, you can able to make $ from your home.

The profitable niches For starting a blog in Nepal:
  • Health
  • Finance and insurance
  • Parenting
  • Entertaining blog
  • Food and recipes
  • Personal finance
  • Make money online

What to do to get success in blogging in Nepal?

Buy a custom domain name and suitable hosting plan for your blog and start it. Update your content on a regular basis and focus on your content and promote it.

If you have some idea about blogging and SEO you can start with a custom domain and hosting. The cost is NPR 7000 Yearly.

2. Online Freelancing Job in NepalFreelancer in nepal

This is another best job n Nepal. If you are perfect in any work like article writing, Seo, Web designing, digital marketing, Video, and animation, Programming, and tech Like this there are many types of jobs are available for freelancing in Nepal.  You can make 1000$ Doller per month through freelancing.

Top Freelancing company that provide freelance jobs in Nepal
  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. PeoplePerHour
  4. mTurk
  5. iFreelance
  6. ScriptLance
  7. RentACoder
  8. Guru
  9. UpWork
  10. Elance

3. Earn money Online With Youtube In Nepal

This is the other best way to make insane and passive income in the online field. Youtube is a video sharing

Earn money Online With Youtube
the platform you have just create a unique video on a unique topic. I also write details article on Make money with youtube in Nepal( official guide for beginners )

It is just like blogging it is also known as video blogging. You have to do research before entering youtube. Which niche is more profitable for you.

Steps to follow Earn money online from youtube in Nepal
  1. Create unique video content that is helpful for people
  2. Upload video on a regular basis once a day/Once a week/ once a month
  3. Join the youtube partner program to Monetize your video
  4. Start earning from home on a few months

The income of youtube increase slowly this is not happening overnight. You have to give time to give valuable content to your subscribers.

Hard work leads you to success so, you should keep patience.

4. Earn money online in Nepal With Admob

Admob In nepal

Admob is the product of google Admob is the best for students and busy people.

This is a great way to make money fast and reliable way. Admob helps you to earn money from your android/apple app.

It helps you to maximize your revenue in the online field.

Things need to earn from AdMob in Nepal :

  • Google Adsense account ( hosted or not hosted)
  • Create an account on AdMob
  • Create a firebase on google play store
  • Simply publish your app on google play store with ads
  • Promote your app and make a passive income

5. Earn money online in Nepal with Affiliate marketing

Earn money online in Nepal with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing also is one money making a way in the field of online earning. If you are complete beginners in affiliate marketing you may read this article first Affiliate marketing in 2020 for Beginners: What is it and how its work?

In affiliate marketing, you have to promote other services and products.

If someone buys that product and service you will get your commission.

Big website/blogger chooses affiliate marketing to monetize their blog.

You can earn a huge amount of commission if you have selling skills. In affiliate marketing, you will get your unique link, you have to promote that link and make the sell of their service or product.

You can promote that link on any of your contact, social media sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Simple affiliate marketing strategy In Nepal:
  1. Do keyword research on product and service.
  2. Select the right product/service to promote.
  3. Make an Attractive landing page where the customer visit.
  4. On the landing page Write review your product/ service
  5. Bring traffic on that page To make some conversion
  6. After customer buys that product/service you will get paid and make money

In this way, you can make insane money in a few months. If you do hard work affiliate marketing makes you king of online earning. Here is the best affiliates program that you can join:

6.Online ad clicking jobs in Nepal

online ad clicking job

This is a simple job for anyone who can even 9 years boy can do it. On this website, you just click the add and view for a certain time after viewing you get paid.

You can easily earn 200$-500$ per month by this job. You have to give just 10 minutes a day to earn from this website.

The website that provides Online ad clicking jobs in Nepal:

  1. Neobux
  2. ClixSense
  3. Online Survey Jobs

7. Data entry jobs in Nepal

data entry jobs in nepal

This is also a very easy job in the online field. You can make 200$-500$ per month by doing work just 2 hours/day. You just need to register/signup on these sites. They provide you with a task for you when you do you get paid.

Legit Data entry job  in Nepal Make money online:
  1. Captcha Entry Job
  2. Copy & Paste
  3. Micro Jobs
  4. Survey Forms
  5. Basic Typing Job
  6. Form Filling
  7. Image to Text
  8. Medical Transcription
  9. Formatting
  10. Catalog Data Entry Operator

Final Words Earn money online in Nepal

There are many types of online job are available, Make sure that is paying and reputed company.

Above I mentioned Legit online jobs in Nepal you can do it from home with the help of computer and internet connection.

So, These are some Legit Way to Earn money online in Nepal. I

f you have any query/question about this article you can simply leave your lovely comment in the comment section below.

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