How to earn money from facebook in Nepal (5 easy ways to earn)

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How to earn money from facebook in Nepal (10 easy ways to earn)

Earn money from facebook in Nepal

You are wondering how to earn money from facebook in Nepal right?. Hold your breath I will tell you 10 easy and simple ways to make money online in Nepal.

Facebook is not only for scrolling feeds, sharing photos and memes, but it also provides you to earn money too. Many of the people in the world making insane money just from facebook.

There are various options to make money with facebook, to earn you just have one genuine facebook account.

1. By creating an attractive post

This is the best option to sell the product on facebook and make money from facebook. Creating an eye-catching post/image of the product can make a huge sell on facebook.

If you wanna sell the product to your connected friends and relatives this is the one for you.

2. By doing Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online earning sources for all online money makers. If you are complete beginners read this Affiliate marketing in 2020 for Beginners: What is it and how its work?

In order to promote your affiliate link/ product facebook is the best. So, by selling affiliate products on your page groups you can make money.

Especially, if you don’t have your own blog or website in order to sell/promote your product then facebook is the best way to do affiliate marketing.

You can create free pages/ groups, invite friends, friends of friends relatives, Make a community and sell them your product.

3. By Video monetization

If you are using facebook then nowadays you probably see ads on facebook video like on youtube.

This is exactly what in the youtube if you are familiar with youtube then it is easy to understand facebook video monetization.

You have to upload unique videos and add ads show inside videos whenever the user interacts or clicks you get paid.

4. Facebook pages

Facebook pages are the best way to generate revenue from Facebook. You just have to do choose a particular niche and start building community(Group of people interested in that particular niche).

You can join the affiliate program and start promoting on pages/ groups, make a sale and earn money.

5. Facebook boosting

This method is a very effective method to make money on facebook.

Everyone knows there is the boosting option in facebook but they think that that is our expenses not earning.

To earn big money from this method you have to do start a blog and write anything about you are interested in.

Or, you can join the affiliate program and promote their service and product by writing the article, making a video or something like that.

Then after creating post its time to promote on facebook. Facebook charges 2$ per day minimum you can invest more.

After the investment of 2$, you can see traffic on-page/blog/website. That traffic makes money for you.

How? if your blog is monetized by Google Adsense you can get clicks on your ads if your post is about the product you get sale, In this way, you can make money from facebook in Nepal or any other countries.


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I am also curious about any of you making money from facebook bu using these methods?.

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