How to make money with google in Nepal 4 best way to earn

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How to make money with google

Are you wondering how to make money with google:

As all, we know Google is a big company, and it becomes very much popular today date. With the growth of popularity, it provides you various ways to earn money with google.

Many people are earning insane money through google. Today I am gone share with you the best and reliable ways to make money with Google in this article.

1. Google Adsense:

Everybody knows about Google Adsense. If you don’t know? it is the google ad network that allows you to serve ads on your website/blog and helps us to generate income from your blog.

Do you have a blog?. Then google Adsense is the best and reliable way to make money online with google.

The best suitable sites for Google Adsense in order to generate more revenue are as follows:

  1. Blog (Properly Written content)
  2. Free online tools(tools that provide free services)
  3. Forums and discussion boards( like quora and answer questions sites)
  4. Niche social networks

These are the best way to generate more revenue through Google Adsense. However, these are not only content you can create. You can make some genuine and unique content as your hobbies.

How to earn with Google AdSense?

These are the simple steps to earn with Google Adsense:

  1. Create a blog
  2. Write genuine and unique content
  3. Place Adsense code on your blog and Signup for Adsense
  4. Get Adsense approval
  5. Create ads unit
  6. Paste ads code on the different places on your blog like in the header, middle of the post, at the footer.
  7. When the user clicks on your ads then you will get paid.

2. Google AdMob

Make money with google admob

Make money with Google Admob

It is also part of the Google Adsense, in AdMob you can earn through your android/ios app. Admob is the best way to monetize your android/ios application.

These are the simple steps to earn with AdMob:
  1. Create an android application
  2. Upload it on google play store
  3. Signup for AdMob
  4. Create ads unit/code
  5. Paste it into your application
  6. Whenever the user interacts/ clicks on ads you get paid.

This is another best way to generate income from Google. I suggest you create the most downloadable apps in order to generate more income from it. More impressions and more clicks give you more income to use this tool to calculate your Admob earnings.

3. Youtube

Make money with youtube

Make money with youtube

I know most of you are familiar with youtube, as the big video-sharing website its provides you to option to make money with it.

I already write details article Make money with youtube in Nepal( official guide for beginners )

You just have to upload a unique video with valuable content. Youtube has some policy read it before you get started.

At these time people love video content rather than text blog. SO, this is the right time to start a youtube channel.

These are the simple steps to earn with youtube:
  1. Create something different/unique Video content as your hobbies/interests.
  2. Join youtube and upload your video on a regular basis.
  3. Get monetization of Google Adsense.
  4. Serve ads on your video and make money with youtube.

In the beginning phase, your only earning source is google Adsense. Later growing your channel, you can get sponsorship from a different company.

This is one of the best ways to make money online with google.

4. Google search

How to make money with google

How to make money with google

Are you wondering, how you can make money with google search right?

I am going to tell you this is the best job for those people who can convince others.

If you have this capability then you can earn insane money with this method.

I tell you to step by step:

  1. Search for any keyword then research the search volume.
  2. After that in the search result, you can see there is an advertisement on the top of the page.
  3.  Then its time to create content related to that Advertisement. Suppose, you can see the advertisement for a mobile phone then create content(video/blogpost) the specification of the mobile phone.
  4. After creating content its time to approach the advertiser.
  5. Go to their website and search for contact us or find out the email address.
  6. Then e-mail them”hey, I create the promotional content for your advertisement if you pay me 100$ I put your link on my description”
  7. If they like your post/video then they definitely pay you.


In the article, I include some legit ways to make money online with google. If you are earning any of the above method comment down in the comment section.

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