Make money with youtube in nepal( official guide for beginners )

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Make money with youtube in nepal( official guide for beginners )

How to make money with youtube in Nepal

Make money with youtube in Nepal: First, we know about youtube,

What is youtube?

Youtube is one in every of the foremost standard video-sharing websites. Where you can post your video of someone or something.

The headquarter of youtube is in San Bruno, California. It is established by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005.

After some years google bought this website in 2006. The sale cost of youtube is  1.65 billion dollars.

So, this was the history of the youtube, now let’s talk about money-making ideas with youtube.

Before jump lets know why youtube is for you?

  1. It is totally free to start your journey on youtube.
  2. You don’t need any special certificate to start a youtube channel.
  3. You don’t need to work like in office 6 to 10.
  4. You can live in an office and boss free life.
  5. You can work whenever you want.

How to start a youtube channel in Nepal?

Step 1: Decide your niche or topic

Now, its time to choose your niche before creating a youtube channel.

a niche is a topic that you are going to work, you can choose any topic as you passionate about it. Here is the list of top niche or topics that you  actually have to start with them:

Profitable niches in youtube

  1. Beauty/ makeup
  2. Online gaming( live of the game )
  3. Food and cooking recipe
  4. Yoga/ exercise  training
  5. Unboxing product and review service
  6. Share your traveling experience
  7. Fashion
  8. Digital marketing tricks
  9. Pet and animal
  10. Photography
  11. Movies and entertainment
  12. How to (online tutorial)
  13. Software and apps
  14. Music
  15. Health caring tips and tricks

Step 2: Create a youtube channel/ signup

In the second step, you have to signup with google account and create a youtube channel. If you don’t know how to do follow these steps:

  • Click on that icon

Make money with youtube in nepal

  • Click on your channel

Make mmoney with youtube in nepal

  • Click on customize channel

Make mmoney with youtube in nepal

  • Update your logo and profile

update youtube setting

  • Change your location to India( recommend) or you can choose any other country.

change countries in youtube


Step 3: Upload your first video

Now, once you created youtube channel its time to upload your first video on your channel.

Make sure that video is not copied video must be unique. Don’t Upload what you want to upload what users want.

Pro tip: upload the video on a regular basis, like once a day, once a week, once a month. Upload video with proper tags and descriptions.

How to upload the video on youtube
  • Step 1: Go to your channel
  • Step 2: You can see like this on the top of your page

upload vedio on youtube

  • Click on that button and click on upload after that you redirect to your disk select the video and upload it.

upload vedio on youtube

Step 4: Link your Google AdSense account to the youtube channel

It’s an important step, in order to generate revenue from your channel linking Google Adsense account to your youtube channel is most. It’s essential for beginners because it is only one option to generate income while your channel is in the developing phase. if you don’t know how to link google Adsense account to youtube channel follow these steps:

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the creator studio

youtube dashboard

  • Click on setting

youtube creator studio

  • Click on the channel in the setting menu

youtube setting

  •  Click on advance

advance setting of youtube

  • Click on link account

link google adsense

  • Enter a nickname and google ads id

Make money with youtube in nepal

Once you enter and click on the done button.

Step 4: Get a monetization on videos 

In this step, you have to get a monetization of your videos. Without monetization, you cannot able to make money with youtube.

Monetization means youtube place Google AdSense ads on your channel.

To get monetization on youtube you have to complete youtube criteria.

Current criteria of youtube are 1000 subscriber and 4000 hour watch time 1 year in order to get monetization on your channel.

After that, your channel goes for review if the channel meets the youtube program policy then you got monetization on your youtube channel.

Then you can able to make money with youtube in Nepal.

Some pro tips to get successes on youtube in Nepal:

Make videos on single topic/ niche: Try to build videos on a single topic or niche, the advantage is you can make the sale of any product easily with the high conversion rate. You get targeted traffic and it also effects on ranking factor.

Build subscriber: This is the best method to return your viewers. Ask them to subscribe to your channel to get quality content on a particular topic.

Once they subscribe to your channel they get notification whenever you publish a new video on your channel. This is also an effective method to increase your views and earning.

Focus on quality of video not quantity: Many of the Youtuber makes this mistake they upload whatever they like they can’t care about the subscriber.

You have to upload what the subscriber wants not your choice. Make comprehensive and long video 10-15 min.

Set the time table to upload video: Many of the YouTubers cannot set their timetables to upload videos, they upload whenever they want. If you are a beginner or experienced don’t make this silly mistake. Set the frequency like once a day, once a week, twice a week, once a month.

Promote video/ channel on social media: There are many social media platforms like twitter, facebook, Linkedin and many more. Don’t share full video on social media make teaser and trailer of video and share it.

If the user wants to know more leave the channel link. Like this drive and convert social media traffic into youtube traffic.

Try to reply to subscriber queries: It is essential to reply to subscriber queries and doubts. You can also find the topic for the next videos.

Youtube ranks highly engaged channel then the less engaged channel, youtube see like dislike and comment of the video. You have to find what the subscriber wants to learn.

Make attractive and content related thumbnails: Thumbnails are best to increase CTR( click-through rate). The user interacts with attractive thumbnails than the unattractive thumbnails.

If your content has quality but your thumbnail is not attractive then you cannot get the click.

Have you ever search for something on youtube about which one you prefer the worst one or an attractive one. Think like your subscriber and try to make the best thumbnail that values your content.


I hope you have clear about Make money with youtube in Nepal. This is not only for Nepalese Youtuber any YouTuber can follow these steps to get success in youtube.

If you have any comments and suggestions for us don’t hesitate to ask us.

One more thing if you like this article share this article with those who just started a youtube channel and searching for how to get success in youtube journey.

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