Money Making blog In 2020 (Live Office Free life)

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Money Making blog In 2020

Best way to Money Making Blog In 2020

Is it is Worth it, Blogging in 2020?
Money Making blog In 2020

Money Making blog In 2020

My answer is yes. Definitely, you can start your own money-making blog in 2020.  There are many ideas and products revealed day by day.

Blogging is an endless topic it is all in your hands how you can impress people, Blogging is not only writing its a brand as your business.

If you are a beginner in the online earning field blogging is the first on your list.

Is it is Worth it, Then how to start?

If you are planning to learn how it works then I suggest you start a blog with It teaches what is blogging and how it’s working for us.

Everybody says that ” start a free blog” but I don’t recommend you to start your blogging journey with free. Why? Because it’s not working in 2020.

Here are the reasons why you did not start a free blog:

1. It does not get any organic traffic from the search engine because your domain name is hosted with a sub-domain.

If you see in the search engine today the top 10 results are not in a subdomain.

2. Many of the fake/spamming sites are built into a subdomain, which is why you may not be able to trust your brand and visitors.

3. There is less opportunity to monetize your blog as well as less optimization of your blog.

4. You get less power in the free blog. The blog is controlled by others. If your blog was deleted, you cannot complain.

5. You can Face Blog down issues, hosting problems.

To get rid of these problems you can start your blogging career with Use your appropriate hosting plan and domain name and start your blog journey.

Some beginners tips to starting a blog in 2020 
  1. Choose your niche for your blog
  2. Select your Domain name
  3. Select Best Hosting plan
  4. Choosing a Blogging platform
  5. Design and customization of your Blog
  6. Start Earning Online

1. How to Choose your niche for your blog

What is a niche blog?
Niche blogging

niche blog

A niche blog is a specific type of blog written only in a particular subject.

In this step, you have to choose a suitable place for your blog. First of all, decide on which subject you can explain things to others.

Some of the best niches are Health, Make Money, Technology, Parenting, Insurance, Finance, etc.

2. How to Select your Domain name

You have to choose a domain name related to a niche / subject. Suppose you are creating a blog on Technology> Blog name should be like

The advantage is that your blog is ranked fast and the visitor can understand what a blog is about.

Another important thing for your blog domain name is not that or hard to remember. Choose one that is memorable and understandable to visitors.

3. How to Select Best Hosting plan

Hosting is an important factor for any blog / website. All our data will be stored in hosting, so this is the most important step of blogging. If you choose the worst hosting plan then you will face a problem.

I recommend


Step 1: Choose your hosting plan

Money Making blog In 2019

Step2: If you do not have a domain name, you must choose a new domain and if you have already purchased a domain, choose to use your own domain name.

Set up your Domain Name 

Set up your Domain Name

Step3: Create your Bluehost account with by filling their form

Create your Bluehost account


Step 4: Make A payment

Make A payment 

Step 5: Login to your blue host account

Login to your blue host account

4. Choosing a Blogging platformMoney Making blog In 2019

I strongly recommend you to choose WordPress for blogging platform, as it is very easy to operate your website.

You have the chance to install free responsive themes and plugins for your website.

In Blogger, you have to set it manually. You need to learn some essential plugins that are really helpful for your websites.

5.  Design and customization of your Blog

This is also a very important step. There are thousands of themes available in WordPress if you choose this blogging platform.

Simply, go to your WordPress dashboard, go to the Appearance section, go to Theme Options, on the right side you can see the search bar.

Enter a name or filter theme and choose a suitable theme for your blog.

The most important things in your blog are:

  • Change permalink

This the most important because it affects highly on your SEO. Here are the steps to change the permalink of your blog:

  1. Go to Your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then Go to Setting
  3. Go to Permalinks 
  4. Choose post name as Like this
  • Install Important plugins

To install the plugins in your blog Plugins ⇒Add new⇒On the right side you can see search bar search it ⇒Click on active. If you are a beginner to coding to every step you need the plugins to customize your blog.

Some important plugins are:

  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Ad Inserter
  • Autoptimize
  • Contact form 7
  • Jet pack plugin
  • Social Pug

There are many important plugins. Only install them which are really necessary for you. Installing multiple plugins at once can affect your website load speed.

  • Begin your first blog post

Dashboard⇒Post⇒Add new ⇒Start writing

You must write a comprehensive article of at least 3000 words on your niche.

Today the competition is very high so you have to write a completely comprehensive article to get a place on the first result of the search engine.

I know you say “others are ranking with an article of 300-400 words”.

Keep in mind that you have to kick out one from the first page of the search engine. To kick those articles you have to write comprehensive and do better than them.

Pro-tip to Write Article: The article should be not only comprehensive. Add come image/ video/ Audio/ gifs/ To attract user to your article.

6. Start Earning Online

Until we make some money from our blog, we cannot say that it is a successful blog. So this is the most important phase of your blog.

This is the backbone of keeping your blog alive for a long time. We are creating a Money Making Blog in 2020. Therefore it is also important.

After some time you have many ideas to monetize your blog. But initially, you have some options to monetize your blog.

You have only two options, one is Google Adsense and the other is affiliate marketing.

If you are interested, I write an article on how to approve Google Adsense to read it.

How much time your blog takes to generate income?

Your blog takes 5-6 months to generate income. It does not take long to grow if you are regularly active on your site and publish valuable content for your visitor.

Final words on Money Making blog In 2020

I strongly recommend you to start a blog, this is the right time to start your blog.

Patience is very important in the online arena. Its construction takes some time. Follow your passion and start a Money Making Blog in 2020

If you have any query related blogging and online earning, do not hesitate to ask your question in the comment section.

I am very curious about your earnings, also comment on the monthly income that you are actually earning now only from blogging.

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